Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Greek rusks

The Greek rusks are unique in the world.
In Greece one can find either hardtacks or rusks made from qualitative and healthy raw materials known with the Greek name 'Paximadi'.
Undoubtedly, the best paximadi comes from the island of Crete.
Bakeries around the island offer an assortment of organic and traditional paximadi-twice-baked loaves made with chick-pea flour or ancient island grains such as barley-that are dampened under the tap and are sprinkled with local olive oil.
The Greek paximadi is a perfect supplement to the famous Mediterranean diet. It is used at breakfast time, at dinner and lunchtime next to the cheese plate, and as a treat to the afternoon tea or coffee. It is also perfect as a healthy snack throughout the whole day.
The Greek paximadi, and especially the Cretan one, it is exported throughout the world as it is a sought after Greek product.


Tienchen said...

Do you have a recipe for dakos (cretan barley rusks)? I mean to make the dakos from flour, yeast etc. I live in Canada and it is very expensive to buy dakos here, I'd love to bake my own, but can't find a recipe.

Anonymous said...

helpful post.

Anonymous said...

2 yearslater, i still can't find any recipies to make cretan rusks from scratch. Doesn't anyone habe a recipie for those small dark barley ones with olive oil or some variation?
Thank u

Anonymous said...

I need the recipe for rusks or paximadi espesialy ones from Kalumnos or Crete Does any one Knows how?

Anonymous said...

I make them here in the States on small scale for Greek festivals and such. Mine are made using sourdough starter,70% barley or rye flour and 30% ancient (zeia "zea" wheat flour). If you are interested in purchasing some just let me know.