Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Most wanted!

Crete is perhaps the most famous part in Greece for its separate cuisine. Cretans with the passage of the years developed a great production of agricultural products, which constituted also basic components of their diet. The balanced diet of Cretans has become repeatedly object of researches, being the reason of their excellent health condition and the low mortality. In a Cretan dinner you will always see, vegetables, pies, fruits, legumes, dairy, bread, olives. Of course, meat is also an element of Cretan alimentation in little quantity, as well as fresh fishes and seafood. Basic element of Cretan cuisine is also the olive oil. Cretan olive oil is of excellent quality, makes good to the health and is exported to the entire world. The Cretan dinner always include wine or raki, the strong local alcoholic drink. Some of the delicacies that you can try in Rethymno are the following:

* Chochlious: snails cooked with grasses or fried in olive oil. It is a very tasty traditional dish.
* Dakos: is a snack including vinegar and water-soaked barley bread, which is accompanied by small pieces of tomato, garlic, onion and cheese feta.
* Apaki: smoked meat, usually lamb.
* Ofto: meat cooked in a ceramic dish and fried potatoes with the peel.
* Cheeses: local mizithra and anthotiro.
* Kaltsounia: sweet snack with Cretan honey of excellent quality.

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